Thomas O'Day


Bob Hodges and Sons Realty

Tom O’Day moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1954 and has lived here ever since. After graduating from Fort Lauderdale High School in 1967, he joined the Minor league San Diego Padres Baseball team. He played professionally for some years and eventually chose his family over the traveling life of an athlete. Shortly after his baseball career ended Tom Joined the Fort Lauderdale Fire department where he climbed the ranks to Battalion chief.  He retired from the fire department in 2000 and joined the Hodges real estate team.  He has been selling Real estate for them for 18 years.  Tom has watched this city become what it is and has a valuable knowledge about the city and its surrounding areas.  He has recently partnered with his daughter, Chelsea O’Day Holtfreter, which gives him the edge of a younger mind and the knowledge of a seasoned vet.